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 NOOMA 11 ~{Rythm}~

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PostSubject: NOOMA 11 ~{Rythm}~   Sat Apr 10, 2010 1:24 pm


What do you believe about God’s involvement in our daily lives?

What images do you have of God?

What or who has shaped these images that you have?

Where is God?

Why do you think people, including some writers from the Bible use human physical references like
“hands,” “feet,” “eye,” and “He” to describe God, when other Scripture states God is spirit and has nor form?

Is God compassionate, truthful, loving, and forgiving
or is God compassion, truth, love and forgiveness?

What about Jesus?

What does it mean for you to be in or out of tune with the song?

Are you in tune?

Can you believe in God and be out of tune with the song?

Does it work the other way around?

What is important to Jesus: what we believe or what we do?

Do you believe that if you live the way Jesus taught us to live, being in tune with song, “that you will have life in its fullest”?

Interesting Fact

David Vandrevelde(keys) and Brie Stoner(guitar), seen center stage, are the artists responsible for most of the original music created for the NOOMA series.

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NOOMA 11 ~{Rythm}~
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