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 Nooma 015 >You<

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PostSubject: Nooma 015 >You<   Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:20 am


Do you believe the act of Jesus rising from the dead is what makes the Christian faith unique?

What are your beliefs about the implications of Jesus’ resurrection?

Do you believe the references of restoration are about this world or about leaving this world?

Do you have the sense that you’re part of a movement that’s putting the world back together?

Is you understanding of the central claims of the Christian faith that it’s all about serving and not controlling or ruling?

Do you think people today generally perceive Christians as people who serve or as people who forcefully try to rule?

Have you ever put into words the implications that Jesus’ resurrection has for you personally?

If we’re loved exactly as we are, then what is our motivation for change?

If others could only watch how you spend your time, how you spend your money, what you love,
who you love,
do you think they would see that Jesus has risen from the dead?

Do you believe that you can be the “good word”, a “living Gospel”?

Would you live your life as a testimony of God’s power and grace?

Interesting Fact

To technically pull off the visual concept, this entire film was shot in a constructed rest room setting inside a film studio.

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Nooma 015 >You<
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